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Trawler is a quarterly publication that sprang forth from the Thames Estuary in 2015. Self-funded with all the content written, illustrated, photographed and designed by volunteers Trawler is a unique publication that captures the spirit of the curious folk that reside along this stretch of water.

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Fat Blokes

By Scottee April 22, 2018

Being fat is a bit like being old – tell people you are and they will try to convince you otherwise. However, deny your fatness and the world will tell you to do something about it.

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Weald Handmade

By Weald Handmade April 11, 2018

Weald Handmade started with my own fruitless search for the perfect bag. A maker at heart, I decided that there was only one thing for it and set about to making my own. After being repeatedly asked by friends where they could lay their hands on one, Weald Handmade was born.

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Urban Farming in Southend

By Luke Osborne April 11, 2018

Waqar Choudhry suffers from Tinitus. Typically, when being affected by this in the night, he will listen to BBC world service until he falls asleep. One night there happened to be an interview on there about an innovative company in the Netherlands who were using waste coffee to grow these fantastic Oyster Mushrooms.

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Global Village

By Liam Jefferies April 11, 2018

I’m Annie Menter and I got involved with Essex Cultural Diversity about three years ago.  I was director of the WOMAD foundation which is the educational arm of the WOMAD festival and Lindsay Strange who also works with Indi came to me and asked if we could put some artists in for a project to raise the profile of the many many BAME artists that there are in and around Essex.

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By Ray Morgan December 1, 2016

We meet Fanny von Beaverhausen, aka Ruth Hazel, and learn about riot grrl punk band T-Bitch. The band is about having fun, keeping things simple; we're politically and socially aware so also address important issues, but in our own special way!

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By Jo Overfield November 28, 2016

Dean Chalkley, a photographer and film maker, grew up in Southend-on-Sea.  After training to be a tailor, he studied photography in Blackpool, shooting for Dazed and Confused magazine whilst still at college.  His love of music and culture continues through his work today; for record companies, different publications and fashion brands.

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By Liam Jefferies November 18, 2016

Last Friday, I had the joy of attending the launch of TRAWLER paper, guest edited by Ray Morgan.

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